Microstrategy CEO: “Bitcoin is a large technology network without companies” | Author: The Crypto Basic | Capital | July 2021

Microstrategy CEO Michael Saylor calls Bitcoin a big technology, but there is no company. Microstrategy currently holds 105,085 BTC. Michael Saylor is one of the celebrities who have long-term and core support for Bitcoin, just like Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

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Michael Saylor shared his thoughts with Natalie Brunell, who hosts the Coin Stories podcast.

Michael Saylor stated that Bitcoin is similar to large-scale technology, but without the involvement of any company. He compared Bitcoin to top companies such as Google, Facebook or Apple.

“You want to have a large technology network that has all the dominance of Apple, Google or Facebook, but no affiliates. So Bitcoin is a big technology without a company.”

“You want to have a large technology network that has all the dominance of Apple, Google or Facebook, but no affiliates. So #Bitcoin No company is a big technology. “——@michael_saylor

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-Natalie Brunel (@natbrunel) July 14, 2021

Saylor is a passionate supporter of Bitcoin and has invested billions of dollars in it. However, he does not think this is just an investment opportunity. He says:

“I discovered Bitcoin because I encountered a problem, and the traditional solution doesn’t look like a solution anymore.”

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Bitcoin enthusiasts have repeatedly emphasized that Bitcoin is a better form of currency.

“Bitcoin allows users to have the huge technology network they want, with all the dominance of Google, Facebook or Apple, but no affiliates. What you get is a purely large technology network.” “The product of Bitcoin is just Bitcoin”

He said that no matter how low the price of Bitcoin is, I will not be forced to sell BTC.

The CEO discussed the possible consequences if the price of BTC is lower than the average entry point of MicroStrategy; Saylor made it clear that if this happens, he will not even feel pressured to sell a BTC.

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Saylor compares Bitcoin to electricity and fire.

“It took 100,000 years for humans to understand fire. This is a slow process. It took humans about 20 to 30 years to calculate electricity, but BTC will not take 30 years. I believe that information spreads faster, but it may It will take another ten years.”

He gave his formula for getting rich:

“If you want to get rich, your only hope is to create an asset that will appreciate 100 times, or buy an asset that will appreciate 100 times.”

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Saylor and his company Microstrategy have been the subject of many headlines. They have always supported Bitcoin and BTC earnings as a method of payment.


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