Lithium Review: An Ecosystem that Drives Innovation in the Early Web 3.0 Field | By Capital | Capital | July 2021

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One fact is universal in the cryptocurrency ecosystem-early contestants win! Discovering early-stage projects before becoming mainstream has always been a lucrative investment opportunity for crypto investors. However, it is clear that the early crypto space still faces some problems that may damage its potential profitability.But with the emergence of projects, for example lithiumTo solve these problems positively, investors and related entities in the field can ensure that the ecosystem can recognize, support, and actively promote profitable and innovative crypto projects.

Suppose you want to invest in this area. Well, in this case, this article covers all the information you need to know about lithium.

What is lithium?

In essence, this innovative project was triggered by a passion to provide solutions to the systemic frustrations surrounding the early cryptocurrency field. The origin of the name “lithium” is very interesting, because it represents the third element in the periodic table, indicating that it is possible to completely change the early encryption stage by integrating Web 3.0.

The project mainly provides three basic products; launch pad, incubator and fund issuance. The core of this ecosystem is the $ESBC token.

$ESBC token

This is the core of the lithium ecosystem. Compared with today’s popular shitcoins, it provides its holders with a wide range of utility and value. With the advantages of negligible fund fees, access to launch pad airdrops or priority access to launch pads, the token guarantees significant value-added and portfolio exposure to early opportunities such as investors and startups. The entire project is committed to promoting access to innovations that solve real-world problems, and to provide investors with the opportunity to obtain these innovations as soon as possible, of which ESBC is the pillar of the project.

Lithium launch pad

This is a product that directly addresses the problem of early-stage entrepreneurial space. By providing cross-chain launchpad services, the project encourages the development of upcoming projects. Launchpads and incubators provide a variety of value-added services for founders and investors. These services support early projects during startup, marketing, idea discussion and verification, and throughout the development phase. This encourages capital to flow from the market to emerging projects, thereby adding real value to the early encryption space. Using the $EBSC token next to the launchpad, the project greatly increases the chances of success for these startups.

You can read more on the launchpad here:

Lithium battery incubator

Essentially, as a crypto incubator, Lithium is tailored to support incubation projects. In other words, it looks for projects with potential for success and provides them with assistance throughout the development stage through funding, strategy, and marketing activities.

Being selected by the Lithium incubator is a considerable opportunity for any startup company because it provides an opportunity to be guided by experts in the field. As a result, this pushes emerging projects to a new level of growth and awareness. Lithium Ventures invests up to US$100,000 in cash to these startups to help accelerate time to market and investment attractiveness.

Lithium Fund

The product expands to multiple blockchain ecosystems. Lithium has developed two funds to provide investors with different risk exposures for different asset classes. Their Delta fund variant operates as an arbitrage fund, while their “fund” category operates as a venture capital fund, holding long-term directional equity in early blockchain projects. Lithium’s goal is to invest at least 40% of its total assets under management in its targeted funds for incubation projects across multiple blockchains. Essentially, the goals of these funds are projects that have the potential to expand to real-life use cases and have powerful Web 3.0 applications. Taking into account the functions provided by the launch pad, Lithium uses these opportunities to identify and negotiate over-the-counter transactions and on-chain transactions. The terms will benefit investors’ long-term and short-term interests.

This is Lithium’s first public fund product, and it provides investors with the opportunity to benefit from excess returns by being exposed to the dislocation of asset classes across the market. This event was quite successful, and it quickly left a mark in the space. In five days, it raised $175,000 for arbitrage. The closing price of the fund was $182,000. What’s more exciting is that Lithium Venture completed its monthly goal in just 14 days, which is a bit remarkable. Investors can expect to see up to about 500% upside within 12 months, while maintaining a relatively low risk profile and benefiting from a fully managed fund portfolio.

This is the second public fund product, which provides investors with higher risk appetites with the opportunity to obtain substantial profits, while allowing them to enter the diversified investment portfolio in the early ecosystem. The fund mainly aims to develop about 20 to 30 emerging blockchain projects, which are expected to solve real-life problems and actively integrate into Web 3.0.

It has a reliable process and framework to identify promising projects with significant opportunities for success, while adopting practical methods to negotiate favorable contracts with the founding team. In addition, by participating in the product, investors can also obtain seed round and A round of financing related income.

The strategy adopted by the fund will make the product perform better than the bull market and the neutral market. It will have no leverage and funds will be locked for approximately one year or approximately 12 months. After a successful exit, every investor can vote on the dividend payment, and Lithium promises to allocate the investment within 3 to 4 months.

This product is a fully-custodial fund. As a way of risk management, it will consider the general market environment before using funds for any investment. Similar to Fund I, this product or product also requires an investment of at least 2,000 USDC. During this event, investors can raise funds, which will last up to two weeks from July 2 to 16, and everyone can participate.

You can read more about the fund here:


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