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Hello everyone! It’s great to contact today and learn more about Porta! Can you tell us more about the establishment of Porta and what are the problems you are solving?

At Porta, we are working to accelerate the transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. To this end, we are building a solution specifically designed to solve the current friction problem in the blockchain field-which is slowing the transition.

Porta means “gateway” in Latin. The reason we chose this name is that it is fully in line with our vision, which is to become a district by building a product that provides a seamless and intuitive experience for new and experienced users of Network 3.0 The default gateway of the blockchain. Decentralized network.

Can you briefly introduce your CEO Shane? What is his story, which can be traced back to the extent you wish?

My name is Shane Benjamin, and I am an experienced blockchain developer with extensive work experience in different technical aspects of the blockchain. I started working in the crypto/blockchain field in mid-2017. I started as a Solidity smart contract developer built on Ethereum. Then, I used Parity to create a PAO network for a company I worked for in 2018.

From there I continued to be a blockchain architect for a project of Ofcom (a government regulatory agency based in the UK), where we built a blockchain using Hyperledger and built a phone number management block for the British telecommunications industry chain.

My work experience at all these different levels has shown me that if we want Web 3.0 to become mainstream, more work needs to be done, and decided to use my knowledge to create Porta and drive this transformation.

Can you give us a brief introduction to the most important things about Porta?

Porta’s overall vision is to create a reality where everyone can get the best privacy, security and opportunity in the Web 3.0 world.

Our mission is to allow everyone to access blockchain products designed with simplicity and user experience as the main factors. We are committed to allowing non-technical and crypto novices to access the blockchain through a seamless and well integrated Web 3.0 product.

This applies to DeFi, NFT and all other decentralized products-user experience is the key, and this is our focus at Porta.

Compared with your competitors, what makes Porta different?

In fact, we are a product-centric blockchain company that focuses on end users and their experience with blockchain and its applications, not just their financial returns. We firmly believe that design, experience, focus on quality, mission and community are the foundations of a 20-year company. Our competitive advantage is that we build for the present while focusing on the future.

Now, can you tell us what Porta has achieved so far? Tell us what you are most proud of.

At the beginning of the second quarter of 2021, we successfully completed a $1.5 million financing and a successful IDO on Poolz.

It is a joy to build a global team from day one to advance blockchain development and product suites.

Now, let us quickly review the future of Porta. For example, what new things do you want to bring to life, and what does this mean for Porta?

We will launch the blockchain testnet in the third quarter of 2021 and the blockchain mainnet in the fourth quarter of 2021.

This will be the first step in our journey to a fully decentralized network.

At that time, we will also work on partnerships and community building to raise awareness of the project. At the same time, develop the ecosystem and attract more developers to build and integrate Porta Network.

We are also developing Porta Pass-this will allow users to seamlessly access and interact with decentralized products on the Porta network.

Looking forward to 2022, our goal is to launch our developer program. And listing on more exchanges to help adopt tokens.

And a simple login solution that provides a simple way for users to identify themselves on the Porta network without sharing unnecessary personal information.

Tell us about your team. Who is behind the scenes?

Each member of our team has many years of experience in their field of expertise-whether it is marketing, software development, community management, design, and products.

Currently, the team consists of Siamak Mokhtari (developer and designer) and Emmanuel Aremu (marketing director). We recently added Yvonne Kagondu (Community Manager). In addition, we will add a Rust developer, social media manager, and another community manager in the next few weeks.

The entire team is very focused on providing users with great products and providing a great experience for our community.

So far, what partnerships has Porta participated in, and which partnerships have the most influence?

We are currently establishing some partnerships, and we will announce them in the next few months.

Now from a more technical perspective, what are Porta’s (KIAN) coin indicators and how do these indicators lead to a stable and balanced system?

Our current token distribution is broken down into:

Total tokens = 100 million

  • Team-21.75%
  • Consultant-3.75%
  • Seed — 10.00%
  • Private — 12.50%
  • Public-2.00%
  • Ecosystem and development — 15.00%
  • Liquidity — 2.00%
  • Network reward — 33.00%

We created a “network reward” that will be distributed to the community, and we are considering allowing the DAO to manage it.

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