TunaDog, “The cutest dog” pre-sale is now online | By Capital | Capital | July 2021

Florence, Italy, July 7, 2021 — ZEXPRWIRE, TunaDog is one of the Kings of Memecoins projects and will be pre-sale on July 7th. reciprocal it has started! The project provides a platform where artists can participate and create a unique NFT series with their theme Tuna The Dog. It hopes to create TunaDog merchandise and aTunaDog games in the future, 90% of which will be distributed to stray animals and sick animals through the organization.

Tuna pre-sale

The platform will hold it on Binance Chain Direct sales — The first real decentralized locker and launch pad service on the platform, pre-sale is provided.

After the pre-sale ends, TunaDog will be listed on Pancakeswap, liquidity will be locked and ownership will be relinquished.

Pre-sale information

price: 1 BNB = 880000 TUNADOG

Soft hat: 300 BNB

Hard top: 600 BNB

Adapt: Minimum 0.1 BNB / Maximum 5 BNB

Listed price: 10% higher than public pre-sale

How to buy from DxSale

  1. Go to the sales link from a browser that supports web3 (will be released 10 hours before the end of the countdown)
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Enter the amount of BNB you want to contribute, for example 0.1 to 5 BNB
  4. Click the “Contribute” button and confirm the transaction
  5. After the pre-sale ends, you will receive $TUNADOG tokens. You can DxSale page.

Token Economics

Liquidity is automatically provided to create a lower price limit for the token. Smart contracts charge a 2% fee for all transactions to automatically replenish the liquidity pool.

In addition, all token holders charge a 4% fee for all transactions.That is, you don’t have to take or provide liquidity to make money tuna. This will benefit all holders!

Tuna is deflationary; therefore, in every transaction, 2% is permanently destroyed, and our supply decreases every day. The platform will charge an additional 2% fee for all transactions distributed to the TunaDog marketing/development wallet. It will aim at effective marketing to maintain the growth of the platform.


Total supply: 1B tuna (100%)

Fundraising: 561.6M tuna (56.16%)

Pancakeswap listTuna (31.59%)

Marketing: 50M Tuna (5%)

Exchange listing: 50M tuna (5%).

Initial combustion: 22.5 million tuna (2.25%)

route map

For the third quarter of 2021, we can Expected See the first NFT collection, fundraising. CMC/CG goes online, Pancakeswap goes online, and LP tokens are locked. In the fourth quarter, there will be more marketing and activities. We will also see more partnerships and even CEX listing.

In 2022, TunaDog merchandise and TunaDog games are scheduled to be put into production at this time. It is expected that the NFT launchpad will appear at this time. Last but not least, if everything goes according to plan and timetable, new blockchain integrations may appear around the first quarter of this year.

About tuna

TunaDog is a project, the king of Memecoins, giving users and artists an opportunity to interact with the NFT world.

Interact with the project;

website: https://tunadogtoken.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tunadogtoken

telegraph: https://t.me/tunadog

Contract address: https://bscscan.com/token/0x9b945bc8844f3fd9ed0a490edc244c347c7de7f2

Media Contact:

Name — Marco Gonzalez
Email — [email protected]
Company-Tuna Dog


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