Crypto wallet Coin98 integrates Kyber Network’s new liquidity protocol

Coin98 Wallet is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet for storing, managing, trading and exchanging multi-chain tokens. It integrates the latest liquidity protocol of Kyber Network.

The Kyber DMM liquidity protocol is now accessible through the Coin98 wallet, and users can easily deposit their chosen tokens to earn fees on Kyber DMM, which is a novel Liquidity Agreement Kyber Network’s new Kyber 3.0 architecture serves as the center of a purpose-driven liquidity protocol.

Kyber DMM claims to have some major advantages over a typical AMM, including an amplifying pool function that can improve capital efficiency; and a dynamic fee function to reduce the impact of non-permanent losses and maximize the return of liquidity providers.

“This kind of cooperation provides many opportunities for Coin98 wallet users to explore more Kyber and profit by providing liquidity. On a larger scale, we will work closely to accelerate the development of DeFi on the new blockchain and bring it to life. To more countries around the world.”
-Vinh The Nguyen, Co-founder and CEO of Coin98 Finance

Coin98 + Kyber DMM

Recently, Coin98 Wallet released the latest Coin98 Wallet X, iOS and Android versions, with better UI and new functions. It includes several new and upgraded integrations, including Polygon Network-one of the fastest growing ecosystems on the market.

At the same time, Kyber DMM-previously only on Ethereum-also Publish on Polygon Network Allowing Kyber DMM liquidity providers to obtain many of the main benefits of this extended solution, including a significant reduction in gas costs.

Kyber DMM can be accessed in the app through the DApp browser of the Coin98 wallet, or by directly connecting to the Coin98 extended wallet on the Kyber DMM website.

“With the increasing popularity and rapid development of the DeFi world, Kyber Network is proud to be able to cooperate with fast-paced and innovative DeFi projects (such as Coin98 Wallet) to provide most users with the best products in a safe and sustainable manner. In addition, The timely expansion of Kyber DMM and Coin98 wallets to Polygon is a catalyst for wider adoption, and we look forward to continuing cooperation to accelerate the development of DeFi solutions.”
-Loi Luu, co-founder and CEO of Kyber Network


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