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Staking is a part of the PoS consensus mechanism used in the PoS-based blockchain. It means locking funds into a pool or a wallet to help the blockchain network reach a consensus, thereby rewarding participants’ mortgage assets. Stakeholders pledge some of the funds authorized by the project, such as holding 32 Ether in Ethereum, so that investors become Ethereum validators, and thus essentially become nodes or master nodes.In DeFi Staking, the user simply stakes her assets in order to obtain it silently Annual rate of return Or APY over time. In the PoS dedicated blockchain, collateralized tokens enable stakeholders to claim block rewards generated by the blockchain.

Why do we need staking

This Stake out The mechanism helps users exercise special rights in the governance agreement of the network or system. The greater the number of pledged assets, the greater the influence you have and the more rewards you will receive. It allows stakeholders to vote for functions on the same network by delegating their voting rights. The PoS blockchain has high scalability and faster transaction speed, so it is very popular among people who are willing to distribute assets and enjoy the above-mentioned rewards and benefits. The recent update of Ethereum to 2.0 shows that the project focuses on scalability from PoW to Pos. Users are now more eager to invest their idle assets in cryptocurrency bets to get the best passive income at a fixed percentage, which varies from personal network to personal network. Now, with the emergence of decentralized finance, staking has become more active among enthusiasts.

This demand for encrypted collateral can be demonstrated by the absolute amount of wealth increased by the DeFi protocol. With assets worth more than $64 billion in this ecosystem, DeFi eliminates the notion that encryption technology is a fallacy. Before the advent of DeFi, people had to rely on bank savings to earn negligible interest. These returns are so small that after one year of interest returns, depositing $1,000 in the bank will not even be able to buy dinner for your family.

Then there is Defi mortgage, which allows users to enjoy huge profits by holding their digital assets without having to trade or trade on the network.This is often referred to as Yield agriculture, A method to maximize profits by harvesting the best yield across agreements.

The benefits of staking

  1. Crypto Staking refuses to purchase expensive mining hardware for other consensus algorithms (such as PoW), which is very safe but not environmentally friendly.
  2. It is guaranteed to get a return from the network, because it is a proof of equity after all, so there is evidence that you have pledged a certain amount.
  3. The most important benefit is that your investment will not depreciate over time, which is different from Asics and other mining hardware. Your bet depends only on market fluctuations.
  4. No need to manage private keys, initiate transactions, or perform complex tasks to participate in Staking as a Service provider

How to start crypto staking

First of all, choosing the right digital asset should be your strength, if not, you can still participate in a good agreement by learning with Tradedog Research and analysis section. The initial goal was a mining pool that generates few, slow, but continuous rewards for betting. Once you get used to it, you are ready to bet big. Since you are contributing to the success of the project, please choose the one you believe in.

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Your crypto staking journey starts with choosing a crypto exchange or crypto staking pool, such as Moonstake or Stakefish.

Both options can be confusing, so make sure you know what you are doing. Exchanges are easy, but require higher fees. Although the staking pool has a large number of stakeholders, they are constantly transferring assets from one pool to another and seeking higher returns. Hacking and exploiting are other disadvantages, a carpet pull, wow! The liquidity of the entire fund pool has been drained, and your money will suffer huge losses.

Staking is the node where service providers run the PoS protocol on behalf of their investors. This may be a better opportunity for you to join the pool provided by the meticulous due diligence of these service providers, thereby reducing the threat to your investment. Just prepare your Metamask wallet and selected tokens, and you can earn pledge rewards.Calculators and data aggregators such as Pledge reward Calculate annual income and display the best available pool for mortgage assets. Staking rewards currently track 216 profitable assets, with an average reward rate of 14.95%.

Staking notes

  • Use analysis and statistics from reliable sources to track the platform and understand its mechanisms and advantages.
  • Understand the minimum mortgage amount, cancellation of mortgage (withdrawal) conditions, supported wallets, etc.
  • If you withdraw from the pledge period before the term of office, you will lose interest and income.

Here are some top staking service providers (PoS chains) and exchanges that can earn passive income with almost no technical capabilities Equity capital


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