What is the Fed’s ruling on inflation? | Author: Dwayne D’cunha | The Capital | June 2021

Jerome Hayden Powell is the 16th Chairman of the Federal Reserve and has held this position since 2018. After many people lost their jobs, became homeless and died, Jerome caught up with inflation. This is the same person mentioned in the U.S. House of Representatives panel hearing on June 22,

Although he admits that inflation is a growing problem, he certainly believes that it will magically disappear and everyone will return to normal. Reopening the economy will be good in the short term, but after that, you have nothing to condemn other than the infrastructure it builds.

The Fed also conveniently blames the pandemic on the pandemic, which of course worked, but it is quite ignorant to use it as a scapegoat for all the problems inherent in the existing economy. It is also very optimistic to assume that most people will find a new job or return to an existing job after being fired because they cannot bear the risk of their own or their family’s lives.

This will also have an impact on the economy, because people who cannot buy products from retail stores will also affect demand. This creates a vicious circle, which ultimately affects everyone. In addition, to say that inflation is temporary, this sounds like an unpredictable and unpreventable thing.

Like most central agencies, the Federal Reserve has also chosen a regulated CBDC and is currently studying it. Assuming they have found a good solution, they still need a lot of time to start implementing, and cryptocurrency already exists, and the temporary volatility is also good.

The mixed signal from the Fed is also very detrimental to investors who are confused about what should be done next. This in turn affected its credibility and made investors re-guess their decisions. It is also obvious that Fed officials cannot predict the dollar index. The U.S. Dollar Index (USDX) is a method of assessing the value of the U.S. dollar relative to the value of most U.S. trading partners.


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