NFT and virtual world. NFT is an acronym that we can see everywhere… | By Capital | Capital | June 2021

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NFT is the acronym we see on social media and news media today. Therefore, it has attracted the attention of several people and social circles. It is no secret. Now, people use Metaverse to buy and sell NFT assets online, such as audio, images and even videos.

In recent years, these meta-universes have attracted more and more attention. Using AR and augmented reality technologies, people are now gathering in the virtual world. People are more inclined to use virtual worlds or meta-universes as a supplement to their lives in the real world than ever before. If you have just heard of NFT recently, you will be surprised that the digital asset market is booming in the virtual world. Research from non-fungible emphasizes that Metaverse now accounts for 20% of the NFT market.

In essence, Metaverse is an alternative or parallel digital world that provides users with a unique experience. Users can access them using VR headsets, computers or smartphones. Today, some innovations are integrating the concept of NFT into the meta-universe.An exciting example of this innovation is Black Eye Galaxy. Here, combined with the idea of ​​NFT and virtual world, users can virtually explore the universe, mine resources and start their civilization. It allows users to make money by reaching certain milestones, such as discovering a new planet.

In other words, Metaverse is a computer-simulated universe in which users can relate and interact with each other like the real world. Usually, avatars represent users who communicate with each other by making horses, playing games, and even collecting artworks. The concepts of digital games and virtual reality are interrelated concepts. These concepts make gamers spend millions of dollars every year to purchase items needed for adventure.

However, due to the introduction of NFT, the virtual world has now become more valuable. Users can obtain collectibles as NFTs, verify ownership and trade on various available platforms.


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