If you only have $500, these are the cryptocurrencies you should consider Author: Tom Handy | The Capital | June 2021

Follow up on the beginner’s portfolio.

TonHe is a follow-up to the beginner’s cryptocurrency portfolio that I wrote a few weeks ago. This portfolio is for beginners who live in the United States and have access to a Coinbase account.

This is a review of what was mentioned earlier.

If you only have $500, then you should consider buying the following five cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin

Due to the purchase of these cryptocurrencies, the market continues to trade sideways. Overall, the investment portfolio has decreased slightly.

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The cryptocurrency market rose slightly on June 23. In the past few days, five beginner cryptocurrencies have increased. The overall market is likely to continue to trade sideways.

To view the first cryptocurrency article, click below:


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