Economic feast.How to fix crypto assets… | Author: Xavier Singleton | The Capital | June 2021

How crypto assets repair outdated economic infrastructure

The future of the United States does not look so bright; economically, we are lacking in many areas, and we have no real vision for the future of this country’s infrastructure.

This is where crypto assets come into play, because when we cut the connection with gold, we immediately began to decline as a country. Because of greed and control, we are destroying the future of our infrastructure, just to make them profit.

Everyone knows that these two factors are accurate: those at the top are still at the top, because those who fall into greed hardly offer those at the bottom because they have access to everything first. The second factor is that from the beginning, the government tended to zero legal tender.

I wonder if this may be because the people of the world do not pay taxes? Is it because we spend a lot of money as a country that consumes more than it produces? Everyone blames each other. The rich point to the poor, and the poor point to the rich. No one can tell what’s going on.

Shrink and realize the opportunities that blockchain will bring; our digital infrastructure will not only be stronger. Those who have never had a chance to succeed are mostly the whole given to them by their government.

Encrypted asset protocols and blockchains can do more for humans than fiat currencies can dream, but why are they avoided? It is because of the power these people have. Take a look at the Cardano and IOHK teams; they have made places like Ethiopia possible, and now only 15% of people have access to the Internet and have the opportunity to perform in the education system. Cryptocurrency is provided, and the current legal system is getting paid to throw people into prison.

At the same time, in the United States, we have governments that conduct live debates and get paid; when they do this day after day, our infrastructure is collapsing. Recently, the American Society of Civil Engineers rated our country’s current infrastructure as D. It has been 30 years since the federal government considered doing anything for the infrastructure of today’s world. Where did the taxpayer’s money go?

The federal government’s water expenditure dropped from 63% in 1977 to 9% in 2017. Let us not forget the other affected areas, including inland waters and of course our water. This means that our current government has no real experience in infrastructure investment; the evidence is in the pudding, watching our economic growth slower and slower.

What if we want to invest in a blockchain that will not go anywhere for a long, long time. Using it can promote future growth in the size, speed and strength of the community. Ordinary people and rich people no longer have a gap every day because of the power that the bottom people sometimes cannot control. Without any party, without control, justice that has put millions of people in a state of suppression for decades will be served.

This is what the blockchain provides, and all the assets that make up the blockchain are also provided for individuals. It can’t guarantee the right to the millionaire, but one thing is certain, it won’t get you into trouble because you don’t live on the wealthy side of town, or because you’re a politician who thinks that printing is close to 8 trillion a year The US dollar is the answer. The answer is and has always been science.


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