British biotech giant Leica Biosystems mentions IOTA in its latest patent application | Author: The Crypto Basic | Capital | June 2021

British biotech giant Leica Biosystems recently published a patent application titled, “Patient sample workflow management based on immutable ledger,” Mentioned the IOTA blockchain.

A patent application submitted by Leica Biosystems has been published, titled “Patient Sample Workflow Management Based on Immutable Ledger”, which mentioned #IOTA

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The new Leica patent relates to the management workflow of samples obtained during microscope research.

Leica pointed out that immutable ledgers are a promising tool for managing digital assets. In particular, the use of an anti-modification ledger implemented as a blockchain or a directed acyclic graph (DAG) can provide accurate and efficient asset tracking.

The technology can also be used for samples, and recently it can be used for pathogen identification, diagnosis, archiving, and other medical purposes.

The author of the patent application pointed out that the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which regulates personally identifiable health information, assumes that health information related to patient specimens should not be made public. Blockchain is an excellent tool to ensure private specimen tracking.

IoT role

A workflow management system based on an immutable ledger of patient samples (for example, tissue samples) can use a directed acyclic graph (DAG), which is a node hierarchy without any cycles.

It is designed to process large amounts of information. If the network is small, the DAG is more vulnerable to attack than the classic blockchain. To add a transaction to the DAG, the user must approve two randomly selected unconfirmed transactions. In such a system, native tokens can be used. In particular, an example of such use can be IOTA in the Tangle.


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