How does cryptocurrency dominate the racing industry! | Author: Dwayne D’cunha | The Capital | June 2021

Since participating in the Talladega Super Circuit in 2014, Dogecar has become a part of NASCAR. For Dogecoin supporters, this is a historic moment because the Reddit community that advocates Dogecoin contributed 67 million Dogecoins (worth $55,000 at the time). This was done after the community determined that the driver of the car (#98 Moonrocket), Josh Wise, needed financial support.

At the beginning of March this year, the drivers of the newly manufactured Dogecar Pinguino have also been delving into the NFT boom. She has been a strong supporter of Dogecoin long before most people realized it. In addition to admiring Elon Musk’s “influence” on the beloved memetic token.

The NASCAR Xfinity series in Nashville features a “Dogecar” driven by Stefan Parsons. Dogecar’s highly anticipated NASCAR debut ended with a crash and sideways. Although this crash did eventually land it in the last place, people are happy to see more hype around cryptocurrencies. Avid Dogecoin followers are desperately trying to attract as many eyeballs as possible by earning the hashtag “Dog Car” on Twitter. Elon Musk did not post any tweets supporting the dog cart on Twitter, which surprised those who expected him to comment on the entire incident. However, this helped him because the price of Dogecoin soon began to fall sharply. Considering the development trajectory of NASCAR, this is certainly not the last time we have seen a racing game promoting famous cryptocurrencies.


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