2021 Black Eye Galaxy Review: Using NFT to Explore Galaxy | By Capital | Capital | June 2021

All in all, as a space metaverse, you can visit elements such as starships, planets, interstellar stations, all of which can be used as NFTs. Each planet has unique natural resources, and you can discover and mine these resources as the owner of such a planet. However, how many resources you can find mainly depends on your plants and their properties. From official developers, you can find resources worth about US$500 to US$5000 on average, and these resources will be in BYG tokens.

Another practical strategy for getting good rewards is to discover new planets. To do this, you must buy a spaceship and send it to space to find new planets. For each planet discovered, you can get 50% of the final price when it is sold on the Black Eye Galaxy’s internal market.

The best way to add value to your tokens is to live on the planet. As the owner of such a planet, you can restart civilization and sell the land on that planet. Recently, developers even hinted at creating a VR world similar to a sandbox, in which users can traverse these inhabited planets and build future landscapes and structures, as well as various races and buildings in the future.

As mentioned earlier, this project is a cross-chain-based innovation, which started with the BSC Binance Smart Chain, and aims to be incorporated into other 1-t-level chains as the project progresses. Each star cluster on the platform has its own unique blockchain. Therefore, given this somewhat unique and unique gamification, this project will soon establish a community of loyal fans and gamers.

Now that you have a brief overview of how the project works, let us further determine the relevant components, what they are and what they do.

This is the center and main focus of all activities in the Black Eye Galaxy. This is where mining takes place. Each planet has different physical properties, which directly affect the final number of types of resources owned by the planet. According to this element, resource mining is classified according to complexity, from complex to medium to simple. Complexity determines how long it takes to mine resources and how much you can mine, depending on the technology currently available in your civilization. Similarly, you can change the name of the planet at any time.

These are the core of civilization on the platform. They are planets very similar to the earth, so people can live on them. Here, you can sell the lands on these planets as NFTs to develop cities, promote population and technology, and start new civilizations. Committed to cooperating with other VR projects, Black Eye Galaxy will soon become an important operator in the virtual land ecosystem.

Before discovering a new planet, you need to own a spaceship. After purchasing a spacecraft, you will organize a discovery mission to your target statistical system, which is located within the reach of this type of spacecraft. The task of discovery is carried out by placing these spacecraft on the relevant web pages.

After reaching the target star system, you will discover new planets, and people can buy these planets on the market. As a discoverer, you will get 50% of the total sales revenue after subtracting mining costs.

For every inhabited plant, you can create your own civilization, where the inhabitants evolve, and you can advance technology. DAO manages civilizations, they generate revenue from taxes on member transactions to create budgets.

After you extract resources from a planet, the planet will naturally restore it. However, this will take longer, and the degree of recovered resources will be very different from the original resources.

Our day in real life is equal to a year in the virtual universe. This means assuming that your spacecraft must sail for seven years after completing a discovery mission to reach the target star; you must wait a week to reach the star system. In addition, assuming that all resources on your planet are mined for ten years, you will have to wait ten days while collateralizing the theme planet for mining.


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