It is now easier to incorporate cryptocurrency into your retirement plan | Editorial by Blockonomist | The Capital | June 2021

Cryptocurrency is no longer new; everyone is familiar with the term now. But the point is, have you ever thought about it as your retirement plan? Well, you heard that right. You can now use your retirement fund to invest in cryptocurrencies.

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TonSince last year, the crypto market has flourished. Many investors have made a lot of money with cryptocurrencies, and many others still believe that they will grow more and more. If you are planning to retire, then you are on the right platform; here, we will discuss different aspects of investing retirement funds in digital assets. If you haven’t thought about retirement, now is the right time to start.

Why should you consider investing in a retirement fund in cryptocurrency?

The rules are simple; if you can read market trends correctly, you can make a lot of money from cryptocurrencies, which may be an important source of income for you after retirement.

When considering cryptocurrency for your retirement plan, you must consider several things, including consistency and long-term growth. Consistency becomes critical because you need to be confident in the rewards you will receive. Although you cannot earn dividends from your cryptocurrency, you can still earn interest by lending your cryptocurrency and defi.

When investing, you must carefully consider the trading platform, which has good reputation, safety, low cost, good user experience, and KYC.

How to use cryptocurrency to plan your retirement life more easily?

It is worth noting that a 401(k) plan is a fixed contribution and tax-friendly retirement account provided by many companies to their employers. The advantage is that the income will not be taxed until the person withdraws the funds.

Therefore, with the current cooperation between Coinbase and 401(k) providers, employees of participating companies can now transfer 5% of their funds to the Coinbase trading window, where they can use cryptocurrency as an investment tool.

In addition, you can still buy and save some cryptocurrencies directly. For example, we know that the issuance of Bitcoin will slow down in the future, so investing in retirement is a good choice.

Disclaimer: As we all know, cryptocurrency is very volatile. They can generate huge profits and sometimes cause considerable losses. Therefore, it is recommended that you carry out appropriate risk management before investing in digital assets.


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