Project Outline Interview with Black Eye Galaxy | By Capital | Capital | June 2021

Tell us about your team. Who is behind the scenes?

We have a small but strong team

It’s me, Evgeniy, the CEO of the project. I have 20 years of experience in IT and business development.

Andriy, Chief Technology Officer, served as IT Director and Chief Technology Officer for 15 years

In addition, we have 2 full-time designers, 1 front-end developer, and 2 community managers.

The team is completely public, and you can find our profile in the white paper.In addition, we passed the KYC audit by the team

Which partnerships have you participated in so far, and which partnerships have the most influence?

We are proud of our partnership with SuperLauncher, SuperLauncher will host our IDO. In addition, we are cooperating with, and they took us to participate in their “$1 million fuel” program.This is a new plan for the most promising projects and will provide us with valuable resources and marketing support

Now technically speaking, what are BYG’s coin indicators, and how do these indicators lead to a stable and balanced system?

The total supply of BYG is 1 billion

500 million will be used on Binance Chain as the base chain

The other 500 million will be reserved for new chains that we will add later

Our internal market will run in $BYG, which will be the project currency, so we expect that the demand for our tokens will continue to grow, which will lead to an increase in planetary prices, because all resource mining rewards will also be calculated in $BYG.

You can find the complete tokenomics in our white paper.

Starting MCap on TGE will be 220K, compare Etherland Mcap is 400x, Sandbox is 800x, Decentaland is 4000x.So we believe in the huge growth potential of our project

94% of tokens will be locked in TGE


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