Bitcoin Lightning Network Sees Active Activity | Author: Titus | Capital | June 2021

Over the past year, the Lightning Network (LN) has seen massive growth and continues to be adopted by the Bitcoin community.Yesterday, the capacity of the Lightning Network surged to over 1500 Bitcoin.

This growth shows that users are confident in the ability to safely conduct off-chain transactions through LN. This year alone, the number of Lightning Networks has increased by 42%. Bitcoin usable.In addition, there are now more than 12,000 nodes responsible for 45,000 payments Channel.

Since its inception, Bitcoin Blockchain congestion and the influx of transactions cause problems with the associated higher fees. LN aims to reduce this congestion while reducing transaction costs.

As a secondary payment protocol, Lightning Network is very important for users to conduct micro-transactions.If these transactions cannot be performed, BTC is not entirely attractive as a payment method for ordinary people due to high fees and slow transactions. Times.

Give users the opportunity to make these smaller transactions for acceptance Cryptocurrency Used for daily payments.Scalability brought by the Lightning Network Blockchain The fact that this technology is no longer used as a traditional investment, but as a legal tender, is crucial currency.

In the past few weeks since El Salvador declared Bitcoin as legal tender, Bitrefill announced that it has processed more than 10,000 daily transactions multiple times. The large number of transactions on LN saved nearly 2 complete blocks on the blockchain.This proves that the Lightning Network is suitable for daily transactions and helps scale Bitcoin.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey answered several questions last Thursday and said that it is only a matter of time before the integration of LN into Twitter. With the continuous introduction of blockchain technology, the Lightning Network will become an important integration for daily application users to conduct transactions. Bitcoin. Although there is no integration yet, Jack Dorsey’s answer to this question is illuminate.

The application is likely to be equipped with blockchain technology soon and will make transactions through the Lightning Network easier, faster and more safe.

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