Be ahead of the game.Bitcoin and blockchain provide more… | Author: Xavier Singleton | The Capital | June 2021

Bitcoin and blockchain provide more than just what they say.

First of all, we all know that Bitcoin’s most powerful tool is marketing. It takes 2 seconds, and the whole world is discussing how bad this is for the planet, or why you shouldn’t touch Bitcoin because of its volatility.

How about all the key factors it has provided in the past four years? What makes everything so condescending is that everyone tends to forget that Bitcoin and blockchain provide more than 8,000 jobs in 2020. I don’t think the government intends to create jobs in 2020, let alone save our economy. They actually destroyed it by turning on the money printing machine and haven’t shut it down since, but they won’t share this information with the world, will they? I don’t think so, but so far, the media, politicians, and banks seem to have a lot to say about things they don’t even know much about most of the year.

For decades, the world has faced carbon emissions problems, and banks and large companies in cities are one of the biggest reasons. Banks alone provide more than 30% of funding for projects supporting fossil fuel expansion plans, which is quite strange for an industry struggling to maintain clean energy. The government/Federal Reserve has a lot to say.

Nonetheless, the original monetary system has been using money that they don’t even have, just drained from taxpayers, and has been fluctuating. No one will blame the person who stirs the pot, just want to blame the next thing. At the same time, Bitcoin has always been the reason technology companies can provide jobs; no one in the media is talking about or wanting to say that. There are more than 66 blockchain-based and regulatory-based startups in New York that should ban mining? Is it because it did not buy into a flooding market?

Cryptocurrency as a whole gives the people of today’s world free will, and most people have never experienced it before, so they will never understand the actual value of things like Bitcoin. People will one day conduct research before believing what they are told; everyone has access to Bitcoin and the blockchain ledger, and everyone can be their accountant.

Assets of the future, such as cryptocurrencies, have only just begun. However, once people finally realize that Bitcoin offers more than just real estate or stocks, they provide more for the future than ever before.


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