Omnia DeFi Project Outline Interview | By Capital | Capital | June 2021

So far, what partnerships has Omnia DeFi participated in, and which partnerships have the most influence?

We are in dialogue with multiple strategic partners in various industries and governments. Due to the confidentiality of these discussions, we are unable to disclose more details at this stage. We are currently looking for and reviewing hosting and launching partners, welcome to inquire.Those who are interested should contact us LinkedIn.

Now, from a technical perspective, what are the coin indicators of the $OMNIA token, and how do these indicators lead to a stable and balanced system?

In short, our platform indexes data related to asset value and converts that value into tradable tokens. OAT serves as a value index token. Each asset has an integer as an index number, which represents the total storage value of the asset and guarantee related data. The index number can be divided into x scores, indicating the total fixed number of available tokens linked to that integer. The index number is an overall safety rating based on KYC/KYA/AML scores plus any number of additional proofs and concessions or guarantees. This safety rating allows token purchasers to understand the level of risk associated with the purchase of tokens. Through regular (or irregular) reminders and/or continuous review of safety ratings by Omnia DeFi, token traders or asset holders themselves.

In terms of transactions, suppose you have $100,000 Joan Mitchell and want to raise cash to fund his traveling exhibition. You decide to tokenize and receive 100 tokens for this painting. You keep 51 tokens (51%). The remaining 49 were sold to people who are now part of Joan Mitchell’s owners. They can own up to 49% of valuable artwork, but you can still decide how to manage it. On the other hand, if you are one of the people who bought one or more of the 49 tokens, if the price of this painting goes up, then the value of your tokens will go up too-without you having to spend too much Concentrate on maintaining this expensive painting.

Or, suppose you inherited the land, but did not have the funds to start a farm or build a house on the land. You cannot trust your local banking system, and it is almost impossible for you to get the loan you need. The people around you lack money just like you. Through tokenization, you can correctly register your land and sell 49% of its affiliated tokens and release your equity in the land. On this platform, you can show your land development plan and attract token buyers from all over the world, thereby exponentially increasing your chances of obtaining funds.

OMNIA DeFi Tokenomics are as follows:

💰 Total supply: 10,000,000

💸 Recycling supply-at the time of public listing: 2,575,00

-Liquidity pool: 575,00

-Advisors and gifts: 300,000

-Guidance funds: 300,000

-Private pre-sale and public pre-sale: 1,400,000

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Core team: 1,350,000 — locked for 15 months, streaming every day, totaling 90,000 tokens per month

⚠ The lock-up time and amount may be changed → Tokens cannot be used at the moment-be aware of possible scams

👨‍💻 Development: 1,725,000–50% locked for 7 months (no streaming release)

⚠ The lock-up time and amount may be changed → Tokens cannot be used at the moment-be aware of possible scams

🚀 Marketing: 1,000,000–50% locked for 6.5 months (no live broadcast release)

⚠ The lock-up time and amount may be changed → Tokens cannot be used at the moment-be aware of possible scams

🌕 [Burn] Moon Vault: 1,000,000-AR reality applications, 20% on the earth, 80% on the moon

⛲ Liquidity pool: 575,000

🕵️‍♀️ Advisors and gifts: 300,000

👉 Bootstrap Funding: 300,000-Funds will be used for marketing, which will get a lot of attention before R1

👉 R1: 150,000 — the upper limit is 25,000 DAI → contact the team for a higher amount

👉 R2: 1,250,000-the upper limit is 100,000 DAI

⚠ R2 supply may decrease as we arrange with senior R1 token holders.

👨‍🌾 Staking and Farming: 2,350,000 — It can be managed by multi-signature to stream rewards to Staking and farming contracts.Useful in situations where these contracts need to be updated or suspended for security reasons


Timetable for the core team attribution

The core team tokens will be locked for 15 months, but will be released via streaming every day.

why is it like this? Streaming core team tokens will prevent the team from flooding the market.

If team members want to sell their allocations, the Omnia team chooses to use amazing DeFi tools to reduce the impact on $OMNIA tokens, rather than selling a large amount every quarter or +6 months later, which will have a negative impact on the market.


Unsold tokens

All unsold tokens from boot funds, private and public pre-sales will be burned.


Bootstrap funds, private pre-sale and public pre-sale funds use

Guide funds

±60% of the funds will be used for marketing purposes to achieve a successful pre-sale.

±40% of the funds will be used to comply with AML standards for auditing smart contracts and delivering network elements.


50% of the funds obtained during the private placement and public pre-sale will be used for DEX listing.

50% of the funds will be used for Omnia working capital. Cash flow is the blood of companies: most companies die from lack of cash.

Liquidity lock

⚠ This may change because we are looking for a partnership with Launchpad, which means we will follow their requirements.

33% of LP tokens will be locked for 4 months

33% of LP tokens will be locked for 8 months

33% of LP tokens will be locked for 1 year

When we see the emergence of different chains, L2 solutions, and cross-chain solutions, we need to be very flexible and proactive about the tools we use. This is why we need to obtain liquidity to navigate from one chain to another while providing liquidity for the bridge.

If people want to follow Omnia DeFi on their social media pages, visit your website, or read important documents such as your white paper, what links do they need to visit? Please list them below.

Please visit our website and chat with us on Telegram!







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