As the Federal Reserve outlines the easing policy for the rest of 2021, BTC has experienced partial volatility | Christopher | Capital | June 2021

Fed interest rates will remain unchanged until 2021

Bitcoin volatility is attractive to traders who can take advantage of two-way price volatility. At the same time, the basic attributes of absolute trust in Bitcoin make it an ideal store of value. These attributes are particularly desirable in an era when confidence in central bank policies is fading.

As the Bitcoin market forms a consolidation or interval structure, everyone’s eyes are focused on the Fed’s FOMC meeting just held.

In short, the Fed will maintain a loose monetary policy stance this year, and at the same time strive to fully digest the two rate hikes by 2023. However, this may vary depending on the monthly data, as Powell pointed out in the Q&A session.

According to Bloomberg data, the Fed released a so-called dot chart that outlines the interest rate path of the U.S. Central Bank. The committee decided to keep the target range of the federal funds rate at 0% to 0.25%.


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