98% of hedge funds expect to hold cryptocurrencies by 2026 | Author: Titus | Capital | June 2021

One in six CFOs surveyed stated that cryptocurrencies may account for at least 10% of their portfolio.

A new report by Intertrust Group shows that after the market boom this year, cryptocurrencies have attracted many new private and institutional investors, and this trend seems to continue in hedge funds.

The report is entitled ” Future CFO of Hedge Funds: Prepare for disruptive technologies and emerging asset forms,” Provides the results of a survey commissioned earlier this year. 100 Respondents Everyone has some form of CFO-related responsibilities, with an average of $7.3 billion in assets under management.

The survey shows that, driven by technological progress, the expectations of hedge fund managers and their investors have changed.Investors now want to update their investments more frequently, and nearly half of hedge funds plan to invest in distributed ledgers to respond to growing data needs ability.

The CFO will also pay more attention to digitization to improve operational efficiency, believing that artificial intelligence and analysis have the greatest potential to revolutionize the industry.It is worth noting that nearly one-third of respondents believe that blockchain will change the rules of the game Hedge Fund.

It is worth noting that cryptocurrency seems to be almost universally accepted as a form of investment and has aroused great interest. Incredibly, 98% of CFOs are expected to invest in cryptocurrencies in the next five years, including all respondents from the UK, Europe and North America.

It is estimated that in about every six hedge funds, cryptocurrencies will account for at least 10% of the portfolio. The CFO expects an average of 7.2%, compared with 10.6% in North America.

Jonathan White, Head of Global Fund Sales at Intertrust Group, said,

“From an investor’s perspective, the CFO must ensure that these controls are in place so that investors feel comfortable. If one in six people wants to invest more than 10% in cryptocurrency, then one in six must Be prepared for this investment. “

The report concludes with a detailed description of investor concerns about ESG, which may make Bitcoin a less attractive option due to its high energy consumption.Therefore, as more and more investors invest in Cryptocurrency In the next few years, future coins may be a more energy-efficient choice, such as Cardano, Stellar and Algorand now claim to be carbon Negative.

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