What makes AMP so amazing.The future of asset transfer… | Author: Xavier Singleton | The Capital | June 2021

The future of asset transfer has arrived!

The main force that the crypto asset space has faced in the past decade is that we have no assets that provide real-world applications with real-time, verifiable guarantees. So far, we have never made an agreement in this field to help us transfer assets so instantly and safely! Amp is jointly developed by Flexa and ConsenSys Amp. It is a digital asset built on the Etheruem network, making it an ERC20 token that can be mortgaged and paid, making it instant and safe.

It is also the native token of the Flexa network; one of the many cool things people can do with Amp is through Elastic capacityFlexa provides two ways to pledge Amp; you can choose Spedn or Gemini to pay 3.63% APY, and connect to one of the famous wallets such as MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Rainbow Wallet and Trust Wallet. Make sure that there is enough Ethereum in the chosen wallet to cover the fee; you will enter the liquidity pool from there.Another option is to bet Amp on Gemini 1.78% annual interest rate; the project will change the lives of millions or even billions of people, who must use crypto asset transfers to survive and support their families, they may be anywhere in the world.

In some form or form, we have seen a change in the way money flows from one place to another. In the past decade, the main asset that people have is legal tender; the only way most people send money to relatives is through a money order. Now we are fast forward, people can send their fiat currency through Cashapp, Venmo, Apple Pay and more options. Flexa takes us further into the future, enabling us to send more valuable assets such as Bitcoin and Litecoin to the world. They extract simple things from data transactions, turn them into asset transactions, and do the same things that Netflix processes data every day. They are helping individuals use cryptocurrency to conduct transactions to provide a payment barrier system on the Lightning Network, to send our assets instantly and securely at a low cost day after day, giving people more power in an unprecedented way.

If nothing I have said so far has impressed you or made you frown, please check the Amps Partnership and reconsider your negative views or thoughts on this project.

These are some of the leaders in the encryption field. As I mentioned earlier, this project is still just preparing us for a long-distance run ahead in the encryption world.


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