The story of Ross Ulbricht.Stories from the Dark Web | By Pantera | The Capital | June 2021

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The case against Ulbricht included charges of attempted murder in addition to accusing him of facilitating illegal drug trafficking.These allegations were dropped in 2018, however, Ulbricht eventually became the scapegoat in the U.S. anti-drug war because it was all for Set a strict precedent for the online market of the future.

He was found guilty of all crimes and sentenced to life imprisonment twice, with an additional 40 years and no parole.

The judicial system did not show any clemency and decided to impose a severe sentence on Ulbricht’s case First offender of non-violent chargesThe attempted murder charge was later dropped, but the way it appeared in court proceedings is also important.

Murder charge

Ross Ulbricht was blackmailed by a Silk Road user in 2013 and threatened to reveal the true identities of thousands of Silk Road users.

The killer is fake, it’s a well-designed scam designed to withdraw thousands of bitcoins from Ulbricht.


In total, Ross was defrauded of more than 7,000 BTC by fake blackmailers.

Barely Sociable on Youtube provides conversations between Ulbricht and dark web contacts, such as Silk Road suppliers (RealLucyDrop) and killer negotiators (RedandWhite). If you have suspense, I suggest you watch the video:

Ross Ulbricht runs an illegal drug market. Although he has not committed murder, he still intends to continue to murder those who blackmail and defraud Ulbricht. It is reasonable to assume that he expects that the Silk Road will continue to develop into a digital dark web empire.

For some, Ross Ulbricht is the villain, but for others, he is an entrepreneur. There is usually a thin line, once you cross it, the consequences may change your life.

The double life sentence without parole means Ulbricht may spend more decades in prison. This is a severe punishment for the content of the indictment, and the final decision is punitive, not corrective.

Ross Ulbricht does not seem to be a monster, and it is obvious that he was threatened and blackmailed before deciding to continue.

In addition, the murder charge has been dropped because no attempt has been made against a real person.

In addition, compared with the users and administrators of the Silk Road and the subsequent market created after the suppression of the Silk Road, the unequal treatment of Ross Ulbricht is obvious.

source: Free ross


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