Chainlink’s contribution to other blockchains! | Author: Dwayne D’cunha | The Capital | June 2021


Chainlink launched the Chainlink Community Funding Program, introducing a way to give back to the community for new smart contract applications that want to expand their services and provide them with appropriate resources. When it comes to funding part of the Chainlink ecosystem, that’s just a skinny. It has provided such grants to well-known organizations such as UNICEF, Linkpool, Chainsafe, and Gorm. Protofire recently won an award for integrating Chainlink with Celo. Celo is described as a mobile-first blockchain platform with a strong global payment infrastructure. Celo runs the Proof-of-Stake protocol and is also an EVM-compatible blockchain, which aims to provide convenience for people around the world, obtain encryption/financial services, and send money to phone numbers. Chainlink will help share accurate and timely price information or a decentralized oracle network, and provide valuable data for DApps. This will be related to other methods, including asset management, remittances, loans, and other broader applications.


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