The Importance of Bitcoin and Digital Wallets | Author: Xavier Singleton | The Capital | June 2021

Xavier Singleton, 2021

Looking at money from a magnified perspective, most people understand that money can be an accounting system, who owns what, how much you have, and who owes what. The future of human independence depends entirely on blockchain ledger. There are no longer banks charging 40 cents, and no government telling citizens where they can and cannot spend their hard work.

What worries me is that more people will consider the risk of losing money in Bitcoin instead of taking risks in the future of finance, but will leave a bank and the bank will lend money they don’t even have and commit in the process Various types of crimes and ordinary citizens will be imprisoned for this. The decentralized digital wallet in this space will help people stay away from the costs and risks of a centralized currency system. On the other hand, the proof-of-work system will enable people to gain freedom from the system and help make private payments.

People want to talk about risks. From mom-and-pop stores to retail stores to banks, there have been more than 30,000 data breaches. Privacy has never been the main concern of retail stores and bank funds. The more funds, the more problems, banks can only improve They are safe to protect their things while they take our things.

We have long-term heroes who have worked hard to make people notice and understand Bitcoin in this field. Those who don’t want to learn or ignore will be left behind and perish. Those who don’t understand the blockchain will not succeed in the future. From this perspective, think of any computer or laptop. Humans are more like the keyboard of a computer. The “node” we call is the computer, and the “computing power” is the fan of making things work.

What we lack is just a community. Although Bitcoin has been around for a while, most of the time we are trying to recruit key holders to open the door to a limited number of people. They know that, on the other hand, you still have someone thinking Their decree is the best thing in the world and can shoot down the key holder, so how can we win.

Fast forward now to 2021, where millions of people can gain unlimited knowledge and multiple ways to buy Bitcoin and obtain digital wallets. All we need is people to open their eyes and stop betting that the market over-leveraged an asset that serves and protects the uncontrolled little people.


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