DAO Venture Capital makes it easier for liquidity providers to invest in DeFi | Editorial by Blockonomist | Capital | June 2021

DAOventures is a computerized risk reserve based on decentralized financial innovation, so it is incorporated into DeFi practices and creates returns for assets according to the sequence of risks. This project is like an ordinary VC, looking for production arrangements, speculation opportunities, and bringing returns to their LP.


DAOventures is a DeFi robo-advisor and computerized cash supervision stage. Foresee. Its DAOventures, our main goal is to simplify DeFi, usable and comprehensive. It is committed to creating a simpler, more open, and more open world. This world is permissionless, comprehensive, and guided by our continuous learning, trustworthy and straightforward DNA.

DAOventures plans to improve the current ideal arrangements for DeFi projects by creating a more direct, more usable, and more open world that is permissionless, comprehensive, and guided by their continuous learning, trustworthy and straightforward DNA expect. Recently, DAOventures announced that the organization and other exploration projects, such as Biconomy, MantraDAO and Ferrum Network, provide customers with the best, everything is equal.

In order to simplify DeFi, be more open and comprehensive, DAOventures dispatched DeFi robot consultants and computerized cash supervisors. On the contrary, DAOventures provides customers with simple access to a large number of DeFi projects, including but not limited to fair robot warnings, revenue cultivation groups, retention of the board, organized things, decentralized protection, and this is just the beginning.

How is this function?

The best procedure requires consistent observation of execution, the composability of various agreements, monitoring the ratio of risks to rewards, and checking the security of smart protocols.

DAOventures has gathered technical experts, early encryption members, and is keen to create an ideal world by democratizing the DeFi enterprise.

The expert group includes the former head of Google China Mobile, the senior director of Hongmeng Group, the computer project director of Standard Chartered Bank, and the local area director of technology, speculation and machinery with rich experience.

Standard crypto finance proponents struggle with the hassle and complexity associated with DeFi conventions. The best procedure requires stable observations of execution, the composability of different agreements, the ratio of monitoring risks to rewards, and the review of the security of smart protocols. DAOventures is the simplest and best device to contribute and process DeFi portfolios.

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