Bitcoin mania is priceless. Which side do you support? | Author: Xavier Singleton | Capital | June 2021

Which side do you support?

As the Fed continues to get into trouble, Bitcoin is no longer a secret. In the past few weeks to a month, we have seen the number of bankers, companies and whales entering the Bitcoin space, trying to lure ordinary retail investors who are trying to catch up. For a long time, only a few currencies can maintain their value. Considering that the value of the U.S. dollar has fallen by 8.22% in 2020, the world has a new understanding of why something like Bitcoin is needed. If you own something, it’s a home, savings for a lifetime, or the car you’ve always wanted; I’m sure you will be a mess if it is taken from you, right?

Well, this is your Fiat. We hold it, we live on it, and it can also help someone change their life. On the other hand, it also caused a lot of panic. Knowing that it has depreciated and that inflation is spreading, leading to rising prices of living, food, and natural gas, there is fear within the market.

People want to know what can save us. Is it real estate, gold or silver? The answer is Bitcoin. In my opinion, physical silver is a good addition, but Bitcoin is the main focus. In a sense, BTC is these three. It can be regarded as real estate, Bitcoin is property, and you own it. Unless someone attacks you, it will never be taken from you, but you can take some steps to prevent this from happening. Bitcoin has value like an asset. Assets are scarce, which is what makes the object or project retain more value than most people. Most households hold gold or items made of gold, but due to BTC and its 21 million BTC limit, this creates a sense of assets. Once the maximum is reached, buying stocks or owning a bitcoin will become more difficult.

For gold, we all know or have a sense of bank manipulation. When you become part of the blockchain, no matter how much money you have, no matter how much power you have, you are treated as someone else, which makes the blockchain And Bitcoin is much better than any company or bank.

I mentioned silver because silver has so many applications, industrial applications, thermal and electronic conductivity. Silver is a great protector of wealth and a great protector that can be passed on. Considering that only trace amounts of silver are used in industrial applications, it will only grow from where it is now. Bitcoin is known for its application, which allows people to start saving and accumulating wealth. As you can see, El Salvador’s bid to acquire BTC can save the entire monetary system, which is different from Fiat’s use of those responsible for management.

what will you do?


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