Will MicroStrategy sell stocks for $1 billion and use it to buy Bitcoin? | Author: Titus | The Capital | June 2021

MicroStrategy announced that it will sell $1 billion in stock and use the proceeds for general corporate purposes, including further purchases Bitcoin.

The company announced that it will use private placement of US$488 million to acquire BitcoinThe company stated that it can sell up to $1 billion in stock for the same reason.

On Monday, the company filed an S-3 file with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).inside, Micro strategy wrote It will launch a securities offering that will enable it to sell up to 1 billion Class A common shares over time.The proceeds are intended to be used for general corporate purposes, including acquisitions Bitcoin.

The registration says:

Bitcoin No interest or other returns are paid, so the net income of this issuance’s ability to generate returns depends on Bitcoin After we purchased Bitcoin, the net income from this issuance increased. “

“Future volatility Bitcoin Transaction price may cause us to switch Bitcoin Using the net proceeds of this issuance to buy into cash, its value is much lower than the net proceeds of this issuance. “

It can also be seen from the registration that the company holds 92,079 Bitcoins (Bitcoin). The company also announced that it will purchase an additional $488 million in bitcoin.It can also be seen that MicroStrategy has purchased Bitcoin The average price is US$24,450, which means that the value of the investment has increased by nearly US$1.5 billion.

If MicroStrategy buys another $1 billion Bitcoin, It will add another 25,000 bitcoins.

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