The worst decision I ever made when using a trading robot | Author: Mika Yeap | The Capital | June 2021

Let’s talk about money. But this time is not a good thing. This time, let’s look at all the things we usually sweep under the carpet. Take the dirt out. Tear off those red letters. It’s time to talk about the best, worst, and most interesting story about money I have.

Just like that time I woke up one day thinking, “You know, I should make my own trading robot. And I should start from scratch.” absurd. But what is more absurd is that I survived. A few months later, a company trained engineers after countless hours, and I finally got close. The following is a breakdown of how this journey broke.

You may be interested in the idea of ​​a long-distance trading robot. But don’t get me wrong: they are not fun to operate. Imagine working as a doctor in a cemetery in the emergency room on a cleaning night. When the hospital was on fire. This is what a slow day in my world looks like.

The uncertainty and complexity of trading robots cannot be overemphasized. I’m not even kidding: most people who read this article can’t even imagine how deep this rabbit hole is. I don’t say this to make myself sound smart. I just want to say, if you want to join this trend, Think again.

The most serious mistake I have made when using trading robots is to make them myself. Of course, maybe the daily operation is not terrible. But my problem is that I have a very special way of trading and I cannot adapt to any of the existing options. So my only choice is to do these damn things myself. But this is a daunting task. Looking back at all the things we have experienced, I am surprised that I did this.

Don’t get me wrong, beautiful days are beautiful. There is nothing closer than this. But if I can go back to the starting point and make a choice again, knowing where I will end and what it will cost, I am not sure I will make the same choice.


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