Bridging the encryption knowledge gap | by Pantera | Capital | June 2021


I am always excited when listening to discussions from Bitcoin Cash developers. I also often read articles from Bitcoin Core and Ethereum developers, try to understand them thoroughly, and then explain my findings in simpler terms.

Usually the language must be technical, but our posts are mainly aimed at users with little technical knowledge, and we must explain less common terms. We don’t need to explain everything unless our post is only for beginners. Usually, beginners will find the basics in a few days, so our articles must focus on explaining more advanced topics.

With this in mind, in order to provide more value to our articles, it is necessary to study and understand the topic of discussion so that it can be expressed in layman’s terms. The adoption of the user base requires non-professionals to understand our posts.

Technology is important because readers want to understand how everything works, but most importantly, the result of each development is what the reader expects.

Most developers are not interested in marketing their ideas, and they cannot spend all of their time promoting their code on Reddit, or other publications. This is the job of people with skills and knowledge, who can convey information in a language that everyone can understand.

We are all here to help the industry flourish. Our efforts are aimed at realizing our interests and at the same time benefiting the entire field. Encryption is a society that depends on different types of participants. We may belong to each of these categories (investors, writers, influencers, developers) at the same time, but we are all promoting the prosperity of the crypto industry.

It is up to the author to fill in the knowledge gaps.

We have improved our understanding of finance and cryptocurrencies, economics, and geopolitics, and we often have to (constructively) criticize publications and media posts that conform to theories.

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