Bitcoin (BTC) Taproot will be launched in November 2021 | Author: Titus | Capital | June 2021

Taproot has been completed because during the last voting period, more than 90% of the blocks gave out the green light. taproot It is now locked, which does not mean activation, but at first it only means that the miners agree to the soft fork.

Taproot is activated at block 709,632. This is expected to happen on November 14, 2021. At that time, all full nodes must update their software. Taproot includes many new features, especially multi-signature transactions should be improved.This is the biggest and most important update Bitcoin this year.

In addition, the Speedy Trial voting process has proven to be completely successful, because in principle the agreement can last until August.

The market can’t do anything about it, because Bitcoin The price remains within its seemingly eternal range.Recently purchased Bitcoin So far, MicroStrategy does not seem to create any emotions.

Expert opinions are also very different. In the bear market camp, market participants were hinted to deny the upcoming price decline and warned that they would fall in the direction of $20,000. The other party created sentiment, referring to the forecast at the beginning of the year, and promised to have a price target of at least $100,000 this year.

The fact is that the market value continues to shrink, and Bitcoin The transaction price at the time was about 35,000 USD pressThis means that the situation remains largely unchanged. A closing price of less than $30,000 may mean that we will see a new low.On the other hand, a breakthrough of $39,000 will be the first more positive sign development of.

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