Extreme Art Gallery TWO TWO launches NFT Art with Emmy winners Alan Tietel, Jimi Hendrix, Nick Walker, etc. | By Capital | Capital | June 2021

Las Vegas, USA, June 14, 2021-TWO TWO, a new game changer in the NFT field, announced its official release, giving up Emmy Award winner Alan Tietel and other well-known figures, whose ” The “Match and Arrow” artwork has been marked as NFT and is being auctioned off.

TWO TWO is a US-based gallery that aims to break down the barriers between real and virtual art, emerging and mature artists, artists and communities. Its mission is to allow art lovers to reimagine art and provide an immersive experience that integrates the transforming relationship between artists and patrons. From static to dynamic.

“For a long time, elites have controlled access to art through exclusive art galleries and auction houses. TWO TWO merges real and virtual art galleries with DeFi, turning the community into a gallery, and has direct access to mature and emerging art talents,” Two Said Avron Goss, co-founder of TWO.

Use NFT technology and DeFi to fund global art projects

TWO TWO DeFi, which focuses on the art industry, aims to fund global art projects so that the community can find the next Banksy. Its unique ecosystem links the sales of physical art, NFT art, liquidity pools and pledges, and uses X22 (two governance tokens) to create value for the community.

Two two tokens (X22) will make holders a “gallery” because they will get voting rights in the DAO and the opportunity to obtain exclusive art deals.

In addition, what makes them interesting is that they will be used to achieve NFT marketing for both two and third-party galleries. The TWO TWO Foundation will also have a repurchase and lock-in plan, and the income obtained through the marketing NFT of these galleries will be used to buy back X22 tokens. Locked in the treasury.

To sum up, the purpose of X22 tokens is:

  • Governance: Enable voting for the DAO. Each X22 token represents one vote to achieve democracy and community empowerment.

Real-world utility of X22 Art Token

“Because we have the use of X22 in the real world, and we will enter the art world and the global crypto community, we believe that we will create strong demand for X22 outside of mature crypto users,” Steven Meistrich said. -Founder and strategist of Er Er.

“Art speaks to all of us,” said curator and co-founder Stacey Maites. “The X22 token is a natural extension of its language.”

The team of co-founders located in the United States and the United Kingdom prides itself as a community driver through its unique value proposition using NFT and DeFi. This is a new revolution in art space. Developed a circular token economy and turned the community into a gallery. This is not just a vote for the DAO, it will also include direct benefits that enable the community to benefit from gallery activities.

TWO TWO’s circular token economy brings together real-world galleries, NFT galleries, and DeFi, creating a powerful business model with multiple independent and unrelated income streams. In addition, TWO TWO will bring their community closer to reliable artists such as Emmy Award winner Alan Tietel, music legend Jimi Hendrix’s unprinted negatives, Nick Walker’s art and more.

Oversubscribed seed investment

TWO TWO has an incredible lineup of early investors such as AU21, LVT Capital, Kosmos, Wings Ventures, Magnus Capital, Twin Apex Capital, GAINS, Alphabit Fund, Top7 ICO, BSCPad, MantraDAO, DuckDAO, CryptoDiffer, Moonwalker, Kyros Ventures, DEFIED, Berezka Ventures, Kultivated Capital, Kosmos, ZBS Capital, Spykefast, SportsIcon, Squares Capital, etc., have raised more than $1.5 million in oversubscribed seed investments.

As it continues to develop, TWO TWO will announce more partnerships, artist collaborations, various NFT artworks, and several high-level announcements in the coming weeks. Currently, TWO TWO is carrying out a community event to further introduce its platform to the crypto community. At the end of this month, TWO TWO plans to list its X22 tokens on multiple exchanges and launch IDO (initial DEX product).

About Er Er

TWO TWO is the world’s first interactive art gallery that combines NFT and DeFi. It exists in the fusion of reality and virtuality at the same time. The works of visionary, mature and emerging artists, combined with multidimensional technology, coexist with communication and illustrative imagination.

In cooperation with Syncretism Ventures Worldwide, the first two-by-two gallery will be located in Resorts World Las Vegas. This is the most luxurious, unique and innovative property in the city and is scheduled to open in June 2021.

However, two two also exist in imagination. Patented immersive technology can simulate emotional stimulation and transform the experience into any mobile device. From the real to the virtual to the real, the transcendental circle is completed.

From Warhol to Mr. Brainwashing, from Basquiat to Banksy, “Two Two” exhibited meticulously curated pop, city, graffiti and street art.

More information about “Two Two” can be found at the following link:





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