American investors made more than $4 billion from Bitcoin last year | Author: Titus | Capital | June 2021

A recent report by the cryptocurrency analysis company Chainalysis shows that compared with traditional Bitcoin investments, Bitcoin investments in many countries have achieved huge benefits. investment.

The report itemizes the estimated profits of these countries in 2020.This means that in terms of Bitcoin, countries that can be described as emerging markets perform better than more developed markets. investment.

According to the report, since investors in the country have already made more than 4 billion U.S. dollars in profits from Bitcoin, the United States has taken the lead. This is the next country on the list, three times that of China, whose investors “only” earned a little more than $1 billion in revenue.

Chainalysis attributes the huge gains of U.S. investors to Cryptocurrency exchange Seen near the end of the year in the country.This is likely to be in the country profit.

An interesting finding in the report is that Bitcoin, which can be called a “developing” or “emerging” country, has already made huge gains investment.

Chainalysis uses Vietnam as an example to explain that this Asian country ranks 53rd with a gross domestic product of US$262 billion and is listed as a middle-income country in the world. bank. However, Vietnam’s cryptocurrency adoption rate is very high, ranking tenth in the global cryptocurrency adoption rate index

The report further found that the country’s Bitcoin profit, Outperforming countries such as Belgium and even Australia. Other countries that exceed their GDP rankings are Spain, Turkey, and the Czech Republic.Each of these countries has made more than $250 million in profits from their Bitcoin investment.

The report also stated, “Investors in almost every country have seen the largest increase before the end of the year. year. During this period, the value of Bitcoin rose from approximately US$11,000 to nearly US$30,000 between October and December.

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