SafeTheHumanity token sale will go online on June 11 | By Capital | Capital | June 2021

SafeTheHumanity is pleased to announce its Private token sale Will start publishing on June 11. Soon after, Public sale Will be launched on June 18.

The agreement is a global DeFi project that utilizes next-generation, community-oriented static rewards and automatic liquidity. The main focus of SafeTheHumanity is charitable donations.

Token Sale Participation

During the public sale, participants have the opportunity to obtain additional tokens through these two functions;

  • You can get a bonus of up to 13.5% by purchasing STH only on the first day.
  • Once their referrers purchase tokens after registering through the referral link, users can obtain additional tokens for referral bonuses. After all, they allocated 42,500,000,000,000 STH just for reward.

SafeTheHumanity indicators and tokenomics

The following is a summary of the token sale:

  • Total sales: 1.175 million US dollars in total financing (collected tokens: BNB)
  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 STH
  • Public sale @ 1 BNB = 100,000,000,000 STH | 2600 BNB hard cap
  • Private sale @ 1 BNB = 115,000,000,000 STH | 500 BNB hard cap
  • Listing @ PancakeSwap (listing price is 10% higher)
  • Liquidity at startup: 15% of the pre-sale (up to 150,000 USD) + the same amount of STH tokens
  • Vesting schedule: no attribution!
  • Conditions: minimum 0.1 BNB / maximum 40 BNB

Detailed Explanation of Token Economics

  • Burning at launch: 400,000,000,000,000 STH (40.00 %)
  • Fundraising + Liquidity: 357,500,000,000,000 STH (35.75 %)
  • Reward: 42,500,000,000,000 STH (4.25 %)
  • Marketing: 100,000,000,000,000 STH (10.00 %)
  • Foundation: 100,000,000,000,000 STH (10.00 %)

Marketing and foundation tokens are awarded 5% within 20 months to show the long-term dedication of the team and the project.

Before the token sale, interested people can own SafeTheHumanity tokens by visiting the platform’s website website And buy them at a 10% discount.

Why you should participate in the token sale

SafeTheHumanity uses a static agricultural system and an automatically generated liquidity agreement to allow users to hold STH, while also helping humans through an open and transparent donation system.

The smart contract of the project automatically generates liquidity and establishes a lower price limit for the native STH token. It then charges a 1% fee on all transactions to automatically replenish the liquidity pool, thereby increasing the price floor of each PancakeSwap transaction.

All transactions will add an additional 1%, which will eventually form a reward for STH token holders. SafeTheHumanity does not require you to mortgage or provide liquidity to obtain static income. Every stakeholder will benefit! The other 1% fee charged for each transaction is used to build the foundation, maintenance and promotion of the project.

Subsequently, 1% of the transaction fee will go to the donation pool of charities elected by the community through governance voting. The fund puts forward the goal of SafeTheHumanity, which is to make the world a better place by promoting peace and equality.

What SafeTheHumanity has arranged in advance

In the second quarter of 2021, SafeTheHumanity has arranged community building, fundraising and token release, LP token lock-up, CMC listing, Pancakeswap release and preliminary audit. This list can show you how close they are to achieving their second quarter goals.

more announcement Such as lottery platform, betting pool, humanityDEX release, etc. will appear soon. In addition, for the first quarter of 2022, it is exciting that the platform is considering launching the SafeTheHumanity application.

About SafeTheHumanity

SafeTheHumanity has a promising future with several new features planned. The dedicated staff of the project are ready to make flexible changes to achieve the ambitions of the roadmap. With their strong professional ethics and four years of professional knowledge, they are still committed to producing the best results.

To participate in the project, you can join a private token sale or a public token sale.After filling Form, The team will contact you through their BSC BNB payment address.

Find more information SafeTheHumanity website Or join their community.


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