Congruent Labs is the next generation of cybersecurity, disrupting the entire industry by providing affordable services | By Capital | Capital | June 2021

Australia, June 7, 2021: Congruent Labs is an Australian-based cyber security and identity management company that is working to disrupt the outdated cyber security industry by providing popular services that are accessible and affordable today.

In order to revolutionize a key service and help millions of companies deal with data breaches, hacking attacks and information theft, Congruent Labs is using decentralized application technology on the blockchain to make affordability a reality.

Timothy Quinn, co-founder and managing director of Congruent Labs, said: “We are building a future of cyber security, identity and privacy, all of which are bundled together.” “As early as 2017, our team was tired of the cyber security industry. The high cost and complexity of this makes it almost impossible for any individual or business to protect themselves easily. We want to make online security affordable and accessible-so we did it.”

Two months ago, Congruent Labs launched Signata ($SATA), a cryptocurrency project aimed at regaining control of personal online information taken by large technology companies. Through the development of Identity Protection and Anonymity Framework (IdGAF) and the issuance of tokens, Congruent Labs supports decentralized, non-jurisdictional and privacy solutions that protect online identities.

“This cutting-edge technology in the security field will ensure that we can provide zero trust payment, identity verification and authorization, so online platforms can reduce the cost of compliance and payment management,” Quinn said. “These systems will operate using common standards through a series of smart contracts and public chain systems.”

Congruent Labs recently announced that they will integrate Signata with Chainlink Oracles to support their on-chain identity management system. This integration will establish the necessary link between the blockchain identity management system and the off-chain risk identification of real-world use cases.

Congruent Labs is also using SATA tokens for other projects, including Signata Crypto and Signata MFA. They plan to continuously release other tools, tokens, and services that will forever change the cybersecurity industry.

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