Bitrue Exchange entrusts 1,000,000 Cardano to 1LOVE Public Stakepool | Author: The Crypto Basic | Capital | June 2021

Bitrue (BTR) has delegated 1 million Cardano tokens (ADA) to the 1LOVE public equity pool.

The exchange first entrusted 1,000,000 ada to the public community equity pool. 😍

Listen to [] Hear @Melbomccann, @JeremyFirsterCF with @BitrueOfficial Discuss what this means for the blockchain ecosystem.#Cardano #Blockchain #卡达诺社区

-Cardano Community (@Cardano) June 9, 2021

Representative Bitrue emphasized that the 1LOVE mining pool team is a long-term advocate of Cardano. 1LOVE members voluntarily serve as Cardano Community Ambassadors (ADA) to spread information about the blockchain and its tokens, and at the same time launch one of the first large-scale ADA staking pools.

Adam O’Neill, Chief Marketing Officer of Bitrue, said:

Bitrue is a strong supporter of the ADA ecosystem. After receiving a large number of community requests, we listed the token on our exchange shortly after its launch. Since then, we have ensured that it is always included in our new features, from investment to loan. We are really happy to be able to further contribute to the community and help tokens realize their ideals of extensive decentralization.

GliTch, the owner and operator of 1LOVE staking pool, stated that Bitrue’s Cardano staking Process decision is very important to the entire DPoS blockchain:

I am honored to cooperate with Bitrue and the Cardano Foundation and be selected to participate in this pilot program, and strive to provide alternative solutions for exchange pledges, making it a viable part of Cardano’s decentralization through the community pool. Bitrue’s choice to become a leader and choose a community pool has great potential, which will help strengthen the network and provide stable growth for future community operations.

The Bitrue team (BTR) stated that the pledge is the beginning of a long-term partnership between the exchange and 1LOVE.


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