Bitcoin adoption in Central and South America? | Author: Titus | The Capital | June 2021

As El Salvador takes action to accept Bitcoin As an official payment method, this small Central American country awarded an honor to the oldest cryptocurrency. Of course, it is El Salvador, it is not exactly a huge economy, and it seems insignificant in the global financial world.However, the state recognizes Bitcoin It was a loud noise.

The President of El Salvador also adjusted his profile picture on Twitter: red lasers are shot in his eyes! What is this phenomenon about? Why do more and more people from the cryptocurrency field and now U.S. senators have laser eyes on Twitter? We observed this trend with red eyes and showed you a small part of prominent laser eyes.

The news from El Salvador may be superimposed on all other news this week: facts accepted by one country Bitcoin As an official means of payment, it may be a very promising model for countries with economic difficulties or high inflation rates. These countries have also made themselves more independent of the international SWIFT banking system. The system allows transfer to any country connected to the system.

Countries like Iran or Cuba are excluded from SWIFT by the United States, and the United States can exercise tremendous power over the system. However, both the European Union and Russia are striving to become more independent of the US-controlled financial system.Advocate BitcoinThe number has increased in recent months, and they are also interested in financial independence and freedom.

Especially on Twitter, trends in recent months have developed to show that you are Bitcoin Use red laser eyes on the profile picture. Most importantly, celebrities from the encryption field have certainly joined this trend.

However, even people who are not directly from the financial or crypto industry also expressed their enthusiasm with red eyes. Including Tom Brady, the best football player ever, and the well-known Paris Hilton.

But politicians like Republican Senator Cynthia Lummis from Wyoming already have red, shiny eyes. The U.S. state has a cryptocurrency-friendly policy.This is related to the cold climate and low electricity prices-both of these factors are conducive to Bitcoin Mining business.

The newest person in Laser’s eyes is now the President of El Salvador: Yesterday he uploaded a new profile picture on Twitter, in which he has red Bitcoin eye.What’s exciting is that politicians from two economically troubled countries, Brazil and Argentina, did the same thing as the President of El Salvador. “The first Bitcoin country. “

Will this be a wave Bitcoin South America and Central America are being adopted globally? Hard to say.This is definitely positive for further institutional adoption and overall understanding Bitcoin.

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