Bitcoin is going to the moon | Author: Titus | Capital | June 2021

Bitcoin is taking off-this time literally.

Moonmen will soon get involved in the Bitcoin business.Because of space the company Astrobotic and the cryptocurrency exchange BitMex plan to ship one with Bitcoin To earth satellite.

Astrobotic of the United States develops robots for the aerospace industry. With Peregrine-1, the company will send its first commercial lunar landing vehicle into space in November.In addition to NASA’s equipment, according to website, The equipment also transports commercial goods and the above Bitcoin.

The hardware wallet where the partner wants to place bitcoin on the moon has the shape of a coin. Above is the current hash rate, year and quote from BTC-carved by inventor Satoshi Nakamoto.This announcement Encrypted Moon Mission status:

This coin will be included on the surface of the moon as a registered payload in the Peregrine-1 Manifesto until an enterprising soul picks it up. She will have a public vanity address, and anyone who is interested can participate in her redemption event, or if you feel generous, you can add some seats.

Bitcoin’s understanding of the moon is a new thing.however Cryptocurrency №1 has left the earth’s atmosphere, at least in digital form.Because the British company Space chain A Bitcoin transaction was conducted last year, in which the International Space Station participated as a network node.

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