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The last article was on September 25, 2019. There were hardly any exciting new ICOs to invest in, and there were even fewer new projects worth checking out. So how do you continue to use the blog of altcoin speculators? I asked myself this question more than a year ago, and there are actually only two options: build a news page with daily content updates and your own format, such as BTC Echo or Cryptomonday, or the second option I chose after careful consideration Decided.

A printed magazine. Specifically for the topic of blockchain.

Sound crazy? Probably not: Although many people have heard of blockchain and Bitcoin, they often lack in-depth knowledge of new technologies-and there are still no magazines that really touch on the subject.

So what is a building block magazine?

Blockmagazin is the first German-language magazine. It not only explains blockchain technology and ICOs in a beginner-friendly way, but also provides an in-depth understanding of how various companies use it. The first edition includes:

  • Beginner’s article: How does blockchain work? What is ICO?
  • 13 articles over 100 pages: Insights into various companies and application areas-including smart containers, Modum, Enerchain, and WZL from RWTH Aachen University
  • Cover story reporting on the German blockchain ecosystem and its regulation
  • Extensive glossary
  • One to one Lumpy Based on competition

Who is Cube Magazine suitable for?

This magazine is suitable for everyone who likes blockchain and wants to see the company behind the scenes. It involves less technical aspects and details, so even a novice can learn everything through the explanatory article at the beginning-perfect for friends and family who, as a blockchain expert, you didn’t want to explain everything in a lengthy conversation before.

Where can I buy block magazines?

Block magazine has been published in every major railway station and airport in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, as well as online from July 6, 2020. 8 Euros (Austria 9 Euros, Switzerland 9 Swiss francs).


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