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Through GoForIt Walk & Win, I want to show the next SICOS project after Odem and ORS. Their team is developing an application similar to Pokémon Go to provide coupons and vouchers.

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From a marketing perspective, the benefit of the GoForIt application is obviously that the level of interaction between users and the corresponding coupons has been significantly improved. Not only can you not get coupons through annoying free magazines thrown into the trash every week, but you can also sell or trade unwanted coupons on the internal platform. So how does the principle behind GoForIt work?

First, the product to be promoted is recorded in the GoForIt system and processed into a voucher (called a coupon)-at a later point in time, this task can also be easily taken over by the advertiser. Then goupons can be created separately through the interface provided by GoForIt and placed on the interactive map. The user can then use the map with the built-in goupon radar to find and collect credentials.

In the future, it is planned to divide the coupon into several separate parts (also called “gos” internally), and then they must be put together to form a complete coupon. Goupons are distributed and created through the settlement of the encryption unit Goins created by GoForIt Walk & Win. The Goin issued by GoForIt is a utility token; the items collected in the course of business activities will be destroyed and will not be used permanently). Coupons that users do not use directly can be delivered to interested users through the app’s own market. For this purpose, a game currency has been created, which can also be used to showcase competitions and user challenges.

Blockchain (goin token) was initially used in GoForIt in the form of users powering up. For example, these enable users to collect goupons on interactive maps more efficiently; among other things, the capture radius will increase through goin. Here, among other things, transparency aims to ensure the trust of customers in tokens. Once the current expansion of blockchain technology takes a back seat, all other processes are also decentralized. In addition, GoForIt Walk & Win will withdraw the tokens one by one from the market and destroy them as described above. For the future, further functions, such as the guild system for collecting coupons with family and friends, are already in their infancy. Implementation will proceed gradually-the first task is to make the application clear and understandable so that everyone can understand it.

You can website Or in Telegram Channel.

Lise Goupons ein V2

Das ICO and Dragonex

goforit token distributionIn view of the status quo of the ICO market, the team behind GoForIt decided not to conduct a large-scale ICO and only collect the funds actually needed. The public sale has ended and will only be conducted in small groups. In total, 54% of the total supply of 12.5 billion GOI was sold (unsold tokens are distributed among buyers). Including the turnover of unsold tokens, the public ICO price is 0.00016 Euros. The vesting period of private tokens is 12 months, and the vesting period of team tokens is 24 months. After the ICO, GOI was listed on the Chinese stock exchange DragonEx, where it can be traded with USDT.

Interview with Michael Stamp and Torge Naß

As: Moin Michael and Torge, thank you very much for your time. Some time ago I introduced BlockV on my blog, which is a project that provides infrastructure for so-called vAtom emissions. The project recently “released” a blockchain-based butterfly with vouchers in New York. How do you distinguish yourself from BlockV and what are the main differences?

TN: Hello Lukas, as the operator of GoForIt Media AG and GoForIt Walk and Win platform, first of all thank you for the opportunity to show our project here. For your questions about BlockV, GoForIt Walk & Win is more market-oriented than BlockV. We are a pure voucher platform with game elements, and don’t even try more. In return, this allows us to use our functions to provide the best service to our customers and players. A significant difference may appear in our internal voucher market, where players can trade their coupons with each other. So everyone will eventually get what they really need.

As: Why did you decide to use blockchain in the first place? Can you imagine that you will switch to a completely different blockchain from Ethereum in the future?

Miss: There are no plans to switch to another blockchain for the time being; switching will be considered only when another blockchain with better scalability is available. We consciously decided to support the ERC 20 standard because it is very common and has served many other projects well. However, we will always be open to better alternatives.

As: To be successful in marketing, many partners and promoters are needed. How about GoForIt?

Miss: GoForIt Walk and Win is pursuing a split method here. On the one hand, we hope to provide small retailers with a new and interesting opportunity through our platform, so that their products can be accepted by new buyer groups, thereby improving them The level of awareness and business in a playful way. On the other hand, we certainly know that most of our users are interested in saving money in all situations and in all areas of consumption. For this reason, we will of course also open our platform to large chain stores and bulk commodity suppliers including food markets. We can and want to provide something for all market segments. From treasure hunts for tourists to weekends-family shopping, everyone can find something-here, especially cooperation with shopping centers or promenades is ideal. Currently, we are focusing on acquiring affiliated customers so that we can provide our users with a large number of diversified coupon options from the very beginning. More and more suppliers are ready to be discovered, and there are already more than 150 partners that can be discovered in interesting ways. This offer will gradually supplement more local offers.

As: Do entrepreneurs need blockchain knowledge or tokens to start their activities?

TN: Our customers can use cryptocurrency and fiat currency to pay. In the latter case, we will use the corresponding amount of tokens to initiate the campaign. Therefore, entrepreneurs do not need to have blockchain knowledge. That being said, I certainly generally believe that entrepreneurs will not do any harm in dealing with this technology-even if they are not directly using it.

As: How did the decision to conduct an ICO in a very small group and immediately list the tokens come about? What does this mean for investors?

Miss: This decision was made a long time ago. We deliberately did not want to be a suspicious large-scale ICO that first raised 20 million euros and then processed the use of funds. GoForIt has performed calculations before the planned token sale and checked the funds required to implement and develop the idea. When this plan was completed, we considered how to most effectively achieve the set goals-here, the idea of ​​conducting an ICO in a group prevailed. The required funds are fairly easy to manage, and it has proven advantageous in the past to start a listing at a low market value. For investors-as first movers-create additional incentives for participation, because there is still a lot of room for improvement in investment. In the first 12 months, only 10% of existing tokens will be in circulation. Within 24 months, as many as 73% of the tokens will gradually circulate. These steps have also been carefully considered and should be carried out in tandem with GoForIt’s target growth. With the success of GoForIt Walk & Win, goin will also become more and more popular-having a positive impact on the demand for goin. From an investor’s point of view, this is a very ideal situation. We are certainly a good address for all interested investors who are looking for exciting new tokens with great potential. Our partners from DragonEx also recognize this potential and provide us with a listing to provide strategic advantages for other suppliers.

From the perspective of GoForIt, the listing of DragonEx is also very interesting. The many contacts of DragonEx in the Chinese consumer market will help us a lot when we launch it internationally-China is undoubtedly one of the most interesting markets outside of Europe.

As: Thank you for taking the time!

–Lucas Federer

Disclaimer-Note on conflicts of interest: the author or part of the creative team invests in the above cryptocurrencies or will invest in them (this will appear under each article by default, because it may be an investment after the article is published).


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