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This year I also want to mention the Distribute Conference in Hamburg, where I will eventually become a participant for the first time. The conference will be held in Hamburg from June 27th to 28th, and I can say with a clear conscience that Hamburg alone is worth a visit at this time of year.

Usually, you will only find ICO representatives at conferences, who are constantly trying to sell their products. Distribute Conference tries to distinguish itself from it. With the motto of “Hands-On Blockchain Conference”, we have been paying attention to the application of blockchain technology. Although representatives of individual blockchains such as Lisk or Dash have given speeches in the past, these representatives no longer appear in this year’s lineup.

Instead, Distribute managed to attract representatives from large companies like other conferences. This year, BMW, Commerzbank, Stuttgart Stock Exchange, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deutsche Bahn and Siemens are among them. Together with the speakers of these companies, the second day of the meeting was mainly about the implementation of blockchain projects in their respective companies, and the first day was more about the supervision of blockchain technology. Since most of the three groups will run in parallel, it is not easy to hear all the exciting lectures here.

As always, tickets are available at Distribute the official website of the conference If you want to participate, I recommend them Use BTC-Echo’s promo code, 30% discount on the fare (some codes only provide a 10% discount). By the way, like every year, you can also buy tickets for individual days.

–Lucas Federer


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